Other Counseling Resources


wonderful-autumn-tress-website-headerThe mental health resources listed below are not endorsements nor is this list meant to be an exhaustive list of providers. Please contact your insurance company as providers may or may not be covered by your insurance plan.  I suggest interviewing several therapists to find someone you feel comfortable and safe working with. I recommend you ask the therapist about their background and experience working with the issue(s) you are concerned with. When entering into a therapeutic relationship, feeling safe and trusting the individual is critical.


General Counseling Resources:

Oregon Psychological Association  503-253-9172   www.opa.org

Oregon Psychiatric Association 503- 406-2526      www.orpsych.org

Sexual Assault Resource Center  503-626-9100;  503-640-5311

Children’s Program (SW Portland)   503-452-8002


For Low-Cost and Free Counseling, try:

Lewis and Clark Psychology Clinic


Portland State University


Pacific University


For Postpartum Depression issues:


 Books, Websites and Articles                   Preschools/Early Childhood