Parent Groups & Workshops

Being part of a group or attending a workshop can be a wonderful way to gain support in your parenting, and learn new ideas for your family life.  I currently offer small evening groups that meet regularly for 6 to 10 week sessions and evening workshops for parents/caregivers every 2-3 months.  Contact me for more information on upcoming groups and workshops or to ask questions! PsychologistSupportGroup

Women’s Check-In Group is a place for women to come together without the ears and eyes of young children, share the challenges and joys of life with children and gain a better understanding of how your personal history plays a role in how you parent your children.   In this psycho-educational group, we offer support to one another, share information about child development issues, and look at the theory and practice of parenting philosophies such as positive discipline. In addition, this group is a place where, when you feel ready, you are invited to share your personal struggles as a mother and gain insight into how your own journey is impacting your role as a mother.

My goal is to facilitate growth of group members as women and mothers, strengthen family relationships and support the growth and development of all family members. I hold strongly to the belief that all families and their choices need to be respected. I like to celebrate the uniqueness of each family and child. Each of us has our own strengths and our own family challenges. Therefore, I believe there is no “right” way to parent, but each family needs to find parenting choices that work for them (or at least get you through the day!). 

Topic-based workshops explore in depth one area of life with young children.  These workshops provide practical, research-based information and strategies about a specific topic such as handling strong emotions of young children, coping with challenging behaviors, supporting social relationships of young children and navigating the world of co-parenting!  Parents/caregivers receive written handouts to share with others who provide care for their children, and links to further resources on the topic.  These workshops are generally 1 1/2  hours long, with an additional 30 minutes for Q & A.  Most workshops are in the evening with others occasionally scheduled on a Saturday morning/afternoon.  And there is always chocolate!  
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