Family Work

Little Girl in Classroom 2000Being the parent of young children means dealing with intense emotions, unpredictable behavior and significant stress in navigating even seemingly simple tasks such as getting your child dressed and fed and out the door.   Parents often say that taking care of young children is one of the hardest experiences they have ever faced.  It can be both incredibly rewarding, while also being tedious, boring and seriously aggravating.  A primary focus of my practice is family work for families who are experiencing difficult and challenging times with young children.

I believe we all are doing the best that we can, with the information that has been available to us, and the tools and skills we currently possess.  However, there comes times in every family when our best is not working as well as we would like.  Children change, family dynamics change and situations that were working can get stuck in a downward spiral.  At momfrustratedthose times, someone outside the family can help the family identify new tools and ideas to shift into a pattern that works better.  Family work can help your family move towards a more peaceful and fun place.

Deciding that you are ready for taking the first step to contact a professional for help is challenging.  It often takes courage and a strong desire to make change before you are ready to make a call.  I hope that you will contact me when you are at a time in your life when you want to work on change. Let yourself take the step that can lead to great family harmony, joy and fun.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

— Miyamoto Musashi

happy family portrait having funClick on FAQ for answers to common questions!  Or contact me to set up an initial phone conversation to see if family consultation is a good fit for what your family needs right now.

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