Speaking Engagements


dandelion_blowing_in_wind_1I thoroughly enjoy the experience of sharing ideas, current research findings and evidence-based information with groups.   I like to create opportunities to spark new ways for participants to understand young children and family life while providing tools to parents/caregivers to increase joy and peace in the family and in the children they work with.

Preschool Talks.

Over the past 15 years, I have been an invited speaker at general meetings for many preschools and organizations serving young children in the greater Portland area and surrounding communities.  I have also served as a keynote speaker for PCPO conferences and regularly offer workshops at the annual PCPO Conference for parents, teachers and caregivers of young children.  I am passionate about parent education and strive to make my talks fun, engaging and informative for audiences.

Prior to a scheduled talk, I welcome conversations with teachers at the school and other school leaders to learn more about their school community and to determine a topic and goals for the talk.  I then create a talk that fits the needs of the community I am speaking with.    I generally require a minimum of 2 weeks notice in scheduling a talk (though longer is better as I do get booked up quickly in the Fall and Spring), but can sometimes accommodate last minute requests when my schedule permits.

Common Presentation Topics include:

  • The Role of Temperament in Parenting
  • Supporting Social Relationships In Young Children
  • Shining Light into “The Dark Side” of Parenting
  • Understanding & Supporting Rough-Housing Play Between Children
  • Supporting and Surviving The Emotional World of Preschoolers
  • The Power of Play for Preschoolers
  • Growing a Child’s Positive Sense of Self:  The Self-Esteem Challenge
  • Coping with Challenging Behaviors of Preschoolers
  • Sibling Relationships with Preschoolers
  • Developing Family Rituals and Routines With Preschoolers
  • Creating Meaningful Holidays for Families. (usually offered in October/early November)

Staff Trainings.

I provide trainings for staff who work with young children, or families with young children on a variety of topics.  These trainings vary in length from one hour to all day trainings, depending on the needs of the organization.  

Topics include:

  • Handling “touchy topics” with parents
  • Supporting attachment and working with anxiety in families
  • Building positive connections with diverse families
  • Providing strength-based work with children and families
  • Setting the stage for positive transitions with young children
  • Building self-regulation in young children

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