Are you struggling with how to get on the same page together as parents?

Do you find yourself correcting your partner when they interact with your children?

Do you find that since your child(ren) have arrived, your relationship with your partner has gotten worse?

Is it difficult to find time in the day/week to connect with your partner 1:1?

Do you feel like your partner doesn’t support how you parent?

Do you wish you had more tools for how to work together as parents?

If you are dealing with any of these questions, couples counseling may be a good option for you.

I work primarily with couples who are wanting to address their co-parenting relationship, including exploring those issues that may be making it difficult for parents to establish a positive co-parenting relationship.  

As couples transition to becoming co-parents, challenges often develop in the relationship.  Sometimes couples find that there are areas of conflict in their choices of how to discipline their children and/or the type of relationship they want to have with their children. Others find that they don’t know how to support each other in becoming the parents they want to be.  

I work with couples to identify triggers in their relationship, and take steps towards building a strong co-parenting relationship. Often this results in an improvement in the overall relationship between partners, with stronger communication tools and strategies for staying connected during the hard times of parenting young children.

Contact me to see if couples counseling is a good fit for what you are looking for, and to determine if we are a good match.  Both partners must be open to participating in couples counseling!

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