Individual Psychotherapy (Adults)  single-black-woman-alone

Do you find yourself struggling with your relationships?

Are you having a hard time with a major life transition such as parenthood?

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed, tired, and full of worries about the future?

Have you found that parenting is much harder than you thought, and brings you less pleasure than you were hoping for?

Do you feel like you are losing touch with who you really are  as you parent your children?

Are you worried that experiences from your own upbringing are negatively impacting your own parenting or are making it hard for you to parent how you want to?

 womansadIf any of the above are true, then individual therapy can help. My approach is relationally-based, and solution-focused and includes teaching skills that will help you better handle difficult situations in your life, while promoting happiness and joy.  In our work together, I will help you identify goals, develop tools for overcoming your challenges and improving your relationships, and open up new possibilities for your life.

With any therapy, it is important for you to find a therapist whose approach and personality style fit well.  Please contact me to schedule an appointment to see if I am the good match for what you are looking for.

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