About Me



I am a licensed psychologist with over 25 years working as a clinician and educator with families and students in the greater Portland area.

A primary focus of my practice is providing family consultation for families who are experiencing hard and challenging times with young children.  I believe we all are doing the best that we can, with the information that has been available to us, and the tools and skills we currently possess.  However, there comes times in every family when our best is not working as well as we would like.  Children change, family dynamics change and situations that were working can get stuck in a downward spiral.  At those times, someone outside the family can help the family identify new tools and ideas to shift into a pattern that works better.  Family consultation can help your family move towards a more peaceful and fun place.

I also provide psychotherapy with adults who find that their own issues are making it difficult for them to parent how they want to and see couples when their relationship is an issue for their overall family functioning that would benefit from focused attention.

Feel free to contact me for  a 20-30 minutes complimentary phone consultation to help us all determine if my services are a good fit for what you are looking for.

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